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Kari Jobe new Spotify singles

Worship leader and songwriter Kari Jobe has recorded a couple of brilliant tracks at the Spotify studio in New York, including a cover of "In The Name Of Love".

Here's hoping some videos come out soon to accompany the new tracks, and if you want more from Kari Jobe, her latest album The Garden is a must-listen.


Y&F Posting "That One Time..." Tour Video Series

Introducing an all-new video series from Young & Free called ‘That One Time...’.

The band are currently touring the US, and are making mini-docos as they go. There are two episodes out at the moment, including the latest one where their production truck goes missing just hours before a show.


Edge Kingsland release remix project

Edge Kingsland have dropped a 10-track remix project titled EKRMX. They opened their entire back catalogue of songs to various producers and collaborators, and let them loose.

The result is a pretty special collection of reimagined Edge Kingsland tracks reimagined Edge Kingsland tracks, which is well worth a listen.

It gets better: they've also made some of the song's stems available for you to download and experiment yourself. Head to their website for the download.

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