Saturday Morning with Bjorn

FREE MUSIC and you've got 24hrs left.

Here is the link -

All you need is an email address and your post code to get your hands on a never before heard single from The News Boys. How kind of them :) You have until Friday to make it happen (But I think they mean Friday in America) Anyway, just dont miss out otherwise you'll have to wait till MARCH for new music from these guys!

The new album featuring the single "GUILTY" Hits store March 4th to be exact.


Noisetrade launches fan accounts

Noisetrade is a beautiful part of the internet where artists from all genres can post music for download, and fans can leave tips to support them. I use it all the time (cos bands usually post b-sides, remixes, or bonus tracks you can't get anywhere else) and now Noisetrade has launced Fan Accounts.

So you can store your downloads, share your favourites, and generally just have a better time getting awesome music - best part, it's free to sign up!

PS My account is if you want to see what I'm listening to!

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