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Music Video: Hollyn - ¬°Hola!

"I wrote this song with two of my best friends @colewalowac & @alex_williamsmusic on the back of a tour bus this year... traveling, writing, living this life of music and always on the road makes it hard to say THANK YOU sometimes to all the people who support & love on the music and artistry we are creating. so, thank you. we hope you love this song as much as we do."

That's what Hollyn had t osay about her new track and video on Instagram today: check it out below:


New Crowder + Tauren Wells

"This song floors me every time I sing it. It convicts me and it lifts me. And I mean, to hear a group of people singing it, well, it's church. If there were ever a time we needed the church to be singing together about hope that transcends and unifies this is that time."


Teaser Trailer for 'I Can Only Imagine' Movie

It is a total classic in Christian music, making waves on Christian as well as secular charts. In March of 2018, audiences will have the chance to see the story behind the popular MercyMe song on the big screen. The movie, simply titled I Can Only Imagine, will follow the story of lead singer Bart Millard through some of the real-life experiences that inspired the classic song.

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