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TOPxMM Live video

During their set at Hangout Fest this weekend, Twenty One Pilots got tourmates Mutemath on stage for a couple of songs. I recommend watching to the end for the epic dum battle between Josh Dun and Darren King.

Want to see their whole set (incl. the sad part where their big finale gets cut short when the venue has to evacuate because of a massive storm headed straight for them...)? You're welcome.


Switchfoot surprise group of primary school kids

Imagine being in your primary school music class, casually singing along to "Float" by Switchfoot, and then having the actual band burst in on your performance and join you.

Thankfully, this actually happened to a group of students the other day, and the whole thing was on Facebook Live.


Jon Foreman covers Lifehouse

After Jason Wade from Lifehouse covered Switchfoot's "Dare You To Move" (and nailed it, btw), Jon Foreman figured it made sense to return the favour, and so here is his version of their song "Flight", from Out of The Wasteland.

Now if you don't mind, I'm just going to sit here and weep quietly over the fact the Looking For Summer Tour with Switchfoot & Lifehouse is happening, but not anywhere near New Zealand.



John Reuben is back with a new album

We haven't really heard much from John Rueben since 2009. I mean sure, there was the new version of "Love Addict" he did for the Gotee Records 20th Anniversary album, and he's featured on the MercyMe album... but I'm so stoked to tell you he's back with a new album this week!

Reubonic is out on Friday, and there's already a few songs out, as well as a 14 minute short film setting up the whole album. The film stars Reggie Watts (who is James Corden's Late Late Show band leader) and is well worth checking out!


The Rocketboys release Certain Circles

Alt-rockers The Rocketboys have released their new album Certain Circles to iTunes and Spotify.

Featuring the singles "I Will Call You Home" and "You and Everyone Else", this album shows off more great songwriting, music prowess, and makes me wish these guys would come play a show in NZ already!!!


Y&F Posting "That One Time..." Tour Video Series

Introducing an all-new video series from Young & Free called ‘That One Time...’.

The band are currently touring the US, and are making mini-docos as they go. There are two episodes out at the moment, including the latest one where their production truck goes missing just hours before a show.

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