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Love Doc: 09 August 2016

NOTICE: This week's Love Doc segment covers topics that are not suitable for younger listeners. 

Hey Doc, 
It's a bit of an awkward one! My husband and I have really mismatched libidos, he's only keen to get intimate once or twice a month and I'm really struggling to cope.
I've tried to bring it up over the past few years but he gets angry and walks off or avoids it, if I try initiate anything he will push me away or turn away from me.
He doesnt like PDA's so we make absolutely no physical contact at any other time other than when he's keen to have sex.
I'm lost as to how to communicate my needs to him without making him angry.
I really need help I'm finding myself getting attracted to other men. I'm really craving some love and attention.

Hey Doc,
My partner wants me to buy a house with him.
We have been together about three years and plan on getting married, but we aren't engaged and I'm not sure when that'll happen.
He says we can just use it as a rental and then move in together when we get married cause we both have the money now and it'll just cost more later on.
I am just worried about going into something like this when we aren't kinda 'locked in' yet, if you know what I mean, I just don't feel it's a wise move?
How do I tell him this without it seeming like I plan on leaving him or don't think the relationship will last? Cause that is not how I feel.


PODCAST: Field Trip To Fieldays 16 June 2016

Including Josh vs motobike, Bjorn vs Josh vs heavy logs, and the best way to arrive at Fieldays isn't by car... 

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Love Doc: 14 June 2016

Hey Love Doc 
Later this week I will be going on the first date I have ever been on!
I am 22 and am pretty shy and nervous around girls.
My sister has set me up with someone at her work, I know meeting in a group would probably be most people's plan for a first date but I am terrible in groups so we are throwing me in the deep end!
What the heck do people do or talk about on dates? I am so unprepared for this haha.
Any ideas or tips or strategies for me employ? Start from square one, I will be taking notes....

Hey Doc,
My Mum has been seeing a clairvoyant and she has been told that my relationship with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years won't last.
Mum thinks I should end it all because she has been told it's going to end anyway.
I personally don't believe in what my mum has been told, but I was just wondering if you had any suggestions around how I can overcome this issue with my mum?