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Love Doc: 21 October 2014

Hey Love Doc,
I have always struggled with my self esteem. I'm 19 and it just seems like everyone around me is confident and happy with themselves, but I have never felt like that.
I just don't measure up to them and I guess I don't have as much to offer. I try to hide my insecurities the best I can but I think people know
How do I deal with this? And is it possible to change the way you see yourself?

Hey Love Doc,What are your thoughts about pre-marriage counselling?
My fiancee wants to do it but I don't really think we need to - we have dated for a few years now and I think we know each other pretty well.
Is it worthwhile?


Love Doc: 14 October 2014

Hey Love Doc,
I'm a mother of 3 young boys and we have one bathroom in our home.
My boys see me naked often and are fine with it. I want them to grow up with a healthy idea of body image.
Does this need to stop at some point and do you know whether there are negative or positive effects in doing so?

Hey Love Doc,
My girlfriend and I always seem to be working on something in our relationship, or trying to be 'better' for the other - it can be exhausting at times.
I know you need to work at a relationship but how do you know when "trying harder" just isn't the problem and two people are just too different?


Love Doc: 07 October 2014

Hey Love Doc,
My wife and I are new Christians and we are now realising we've raised our kids with the wrong principles and values.
The regret that we hold over this is immense - we feel we have set them on the wrong path in life and failed them.
They're in their 20s now and we're not sure there's anything we can do for them – any advice?

Hey Love Doc,
I keep hearing (in church as well as other places) that pornograpy is bad and that it will ruin your life. I don't really get it.
I'm almost 20 and have been looking at pornography for a few years.
I don't see how it's bad because I haven't been in a relationship for any of that time so it's not like I'm cheating on anyone - so how is it supposed to be affecting me?