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Strap yourselves in. This might be a rough one.

Having the 'best of both worlds' sounds like a great life policy but, really, it depends on the worlds we're talking about. God's really clear on certain 'worlds' not mixing: '...you cannot have a part in both the Lord's table and the table of demons' (1 Corinthians 10:21 NIV). The thing is, our God is a jealous God. Not 'jealous' in the way that means God thinks 'Oh how I wish I had Mr. Smith's car'; He's 'jealous' in that He wants our full devotion, our whole selves. God deserves nothing less. And note, He wants it, at least in part, because He also knows that's the best possible solution for us.

If we give space in our hearts to His enemy (who's supposed to be our enemy too), He becomes jealous for that piece of our heart that should be His - for His glory, and for our protection...

Every time we give our best to something that is not of Him, we compromise - we compromise our love, our holiness, and our relationship with God. And why should God stand for that? For Him, compromising His love for us is not an option. He would never go there. The least we owe Him is our commitment to live our lives for Him, and only Him.

So what now? Get serious. If there's a certain sin that you know you need to leave behind, do it. Today. Each time it rears its ugly head pray out loud 'God, I choose You and Your ways.'

Soulfood : Ruth 1-4, Mk 7:14-23, Ps 18:30-50, Prov 12:25-28

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