Leanna 10:00-2:00pm


Today's verse is so amazing and encouraging. But, did you notice that there are some key words at the beginning (and words at the beginning of a sentence can often be the ones we need to pay most attention to): 'If you remain in Me....'

If you remain in God, your desires and prayers will become increasingly geared towards wanting more of His good, flourishing growth in your life, and in the lives of those around you. God promises to provide all our needs, so if you really need something, believe God will provide. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Think about it. If you really need that top-of-the-range fresh-out pro-computer, God will give it to you. But if you actually only need a pen and paper, that may just be what you get. (But He is a good God, and He may just give you more than you need - because He loves you.)

You've got to live knowing that whatever you get from God is the best for you at that time, and you'll learn to rejoice in being given (only) what you need. His hand will reach to you, and sort out your provisions. But always seek to look for His face first, and His hand second.


So what now? Tough question time: what do you want most in your life right now? Out with it. Does your need line up with what you've read today?


Soulfood : Judg 1-3, Mk 7:24-37, Ps 88:1-9a, Prov 13:1-3

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