Very often, if people were force fed certain food growing up (e.g. broccoli), they may always have a gag reflex to that particular food! Same in our day-to-day lives. If people have only experienced judgment from Christians and been Bible bashed in every argument or conversation, it's hardly likely they'd want to 'taste and see that the Lord is good'. They'll not want to have anything to do with 'those Christians', much like broccoli haters will avoid anything with broccoli in it.

Too often Christians make the mistake of presenting the Gospel without the love of God. The Bible's clear about us taking the message to the world, but we're called to do that as real followers-of-Christ, not as holier-than-thou Christians. We're called to share our lives with people and to love others. That provides the best soil for the seeds of salvation to grow in.

If God's in our lives, we can't help but share Him, too. When we're led by the Holy Spirit and we ask Him for opportunities to speak about God, everyday conversations can open up to bigger opportunities than we can imagine.

However, sometimes we may be called to share God's Gospel in a louder, bolder, indirect way. If that's the case, pray, check with Scripture, make sure it's love-based and do it.


So what now? Next time you're spending time with a group of non-Christian mates, tell them just one good thing that God has done for you recently. That way, they get to hear about God without the focus being on them and their 'non-Christian'-ness.


Soulfood : Judg 4-6, Mk 8:1-13, Ps 88:9b-18, Prov 13:4-6

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