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It's been said that all of the human experience can be found in the Psalms. Every emotion, every need, every cry of the heart. Every kind of prayer that people might pray is there. The Psalms give us reassurance that we're allowed to express ourselves. In fact they give us permission to be honest before God about whatever we're feeling. One of the most common prayers in the Psalms is an impatient question: 'How long, O Lord?'

We all go through difficult times, and genuinely difficult times bring out genuinely difficult emotions. If a member of our family was seriously ill and we tried walking around with a fixed grin on your face, we'd be lying to ourselves and hurting our family too - dealing with hard stuff doesn't mean we need to put on a tough exterior of 'everything's ok.' Not at all. It's important not to hide our emotions but to ask God to help us handle them. The Psalms are our guide to the 'how'.

But more than that, the Psalms give us hope. Hope that someone else has been here before - and come out the other side. Hope that God is listening, and is big enough to take the worst we've got to throw at Him.


So what now? Start at Psalm 1 and skim read each Psalm, until you find one that reflects what you're feeling. There is at least one that will beautifully capture where you are at.


Soulfood : Judg 7:1-9:33, Mk 8:14-26, Ps 93, Prov 13:7-8

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