Sometimes we think we're superheroes - riding in on a white horse to save our friends/city/world, on an assignment from God. But we need to hear from God for these assignments. We all want to hear from God, but when we don't the temptation can be to run off on our own terms. When we feel like God's put us on hold, patience in prayer and persistence in looking out for His messages will get us where we want to be: closer to Him.

Our personal visions or dreams and even our own discipleship-process can be lured into self-gazing mode. But when God takes that place as the worshiped-One at the centre of our lives, as the Highest King and the only jewel worth being gazed at, everything falls into place as it should - we know we're not the Saviour, we're just blessed into being helpers, privileged to be guides for those around us.

Being over-enthusiastic isn't the issue, and neither is running off with our own ideas. The problem comes when we start making our own vision, dream or entrepreneurial spirit the centre of our lives and stop being sacrificial and God-and-others-centred.


So what now? Draw (or stick a picture of) a small cross in the corner of the mirror that you use every day (the one you brush your teeth in front of?). Every time you use that mirror, refocus your eyes from yourself to the One whom that cross represents.


Soulfood : Judg 9:34-11:40, Mk 8:27-38, Ps 129, Prov 20:25, Ecc 5:4-6

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