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Telling people about Jesus 2

'We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.' Romans 12:6 NIV

Telling people about who Jesus is something we're called to do; it's something Jesus himself asked us to do. We may find it very difficult. We might have a friend who's amazing at sharing the gospel and has a great 'success rate' of bringing people to Christ. And that can feel intimidating if we've tried, but not 'succeeded'.

The first thing to relax about is that it doesn't have to be us who gets others to make that final decision to follow Jesus. We might be just one link in the chain. Another thing that's good to remember is that God's given each of us different skills and gifts (see Romans 12:6-8 for a reminder). We each have our own unique way of 'communicating' about our relationship with Jesus, and we can all attract people to him. All we have to do is be who we authentically are.

Have a think about how you communicate best. Are you a compelling speaker? Or is your strength in writing down or drawing your thoughts and ideas? Do you find it easier to talk to people your own age, or those who are older or younger? Are you more comfortable sharing about Jesus with friends and family, or with the stranger sitting next to you on the bus? Start from there.

So what now? Write down your 'communicating' strengths and how you'd love to share about Jesus. Use this to create your own 'action plan' to express the love of God. Then commit to sharing about Jesus with at least one person this week.

Soulfood: Acts 12-13 Matt 9:14-26 Ps 123 Pro 16:1,

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