Praise brings victory

'Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the Lord...' 2 Chronicles 20:21 NIV

When we're facing a battle - a tough situation where we're challenged or overwhelmed - we have a choice to enter the battle with a human response or a godly response. Our human responses are things like fear, doubt, despair or pride. Fear, doubt and despair can lead us to give up before the battle is won. Pride fools us that we can win in our own strength.

God always gives us strategies to win. Praise is a major strategy! In the Old Testament, we read about the battle facing Jehoshaphat. When told about the advancing army, his first response was fear (see 2 Chronicles 20:3). But he knew he needed God's wisdom and strength for this battle (see 2 Chronicles 20:6-12). When armies go into battle, they usually put their soldiers at the front. But Jehoshaphat appointed men to march in front of the army and praise the Lord for his holy power by singing: 'Praise the Lord! His love never ends' (2 Chronicles 20:21 CEV). They went into the battle with praise, and they won (see 2 Chronicles 20:24-30).

When we're facing a battle, we may not feel worthy or strong enough to win - but God is. When we focus on him and start praising him for our victory, we're inviting him to intervene in our situation.

So what now? If you're facing a battle right now, pick a worship song and play it each morning before you face your day. Sing, dance or just listen to help you spend time in God's presence. Praise brings victory.

Soulfood: Num 32:25 - 33:56, Mark 9:14-29, Ps 18:1-29, Pro 11:19-21

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