Sherryn 2:00-7:00pm


What is spiritual warfare? The things of this world around us are caused and affected by angels, demons, and God's people, as part of a spiritual war. It's big. It might sound... peculiar... but when we've accepted 'God' as one Spirit living in a realm beyond our sight, it follows that there may well be other spirits (small 's') to be aware of in this life.

So let's brush up on our battle plans: 1. Know your enemy. It's not as simple as 'God versus the devil'. 'The accuser' (what 'Satan' means in the original Hebrew) isn't God's equal. God created everything, including the devil (the Bible tells us that Satan was a good angel before he rebelled against God), and God has ultimate power over everything.

God allows Satan to exist and to act (Job 1:12) for reasons that we can trust are best in the long run, but if Satan tried to take on God directly, there'd be no contest (check Revelation 12:7-9). So, he 'indirectly' attacks God by attacking His precious children. Yes, us. Satan's out to destroy the things, and the people, of God. But, whilst it's true that this needs to be taken seriously...GOD IS STRONGER.


So what now? In war, clever lies are often more effective than face-to-face fights. Don't be surprised if, in the situation you're in, it seems like Satan's more powerful. It's not true; it's a powerful lie in his strategy. The oldest known Christian creed is 'Jesus is Lord'. In every place of fear or despair you find yourself in, speak that out to the darkness, over and over.


Soulfood : Deut 30:1-32:28, Mk 6:14-29, Ps 57, Prov 12:15-17

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