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Right, enemy identified. Now there's more strategic info coming...

2. Know the battlefield. God loves you, and wants you to know it. Satan wants to separate you from Him. The battle is over you. Your actions (which Satan can use to claim you) are based in your words and your words come from your thoughts. This is one reason why praising God is so powerful: you're focusing on Him in your mind AND you're welcoming Him into your mind. That's an impenetrable protection that God has gifted you with, and Satan can't get near it.

3. Know your protection. The best protection you have is, simply, JESUS. When you've said 'yes' to Jesus, He's set you free from any 'they sinned and now I own them!' claim that Satan had on you. You're not under his power. You're not in his kingdom. You're in Christ, with all the freedom, love, peace of mind and joy that entitles you to.

This isn't a blueprint for you to charge into Satan's kingdom, SAS style, and rescue hostages. Except... Remember how the battlefield is you? By getting your relationship with God sorted, choosing against sin, and wanting to see other people come to know Jesus is for them (Romans 8:31), you're storming the most important of strongholds.

So what now? Ephesians 6:10-20 is a picture of how to prepare yourself for warfare. We'd suggest you re-position yourself into that armour every day. Then take that freedom-message to a 'prisoner'!

Soulfood : Deut 32:29- 34:12, Mk 6:30-44, Ps 62, Prov 12:18-19

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