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Being a Christian 1

'...The disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.' Acts 11:26 NAS

The disciples were first called 'Christians' at Antioch, because they walked and talked like Jesus!Is something getting in the way of your living like Jesus? Is your life so complicated that it's difficult for you to juggle everything, yet still remain Christ-like? Then, simplify your life. Are you unable to find words to describe how you believe God has called you to know, love and serve him? Then, develop a new language. Is society dragging you in the opposite direction from where Jesus calls you? Then, acknowledge that your life is part of a spiritual war between God and Satan, declare your side and get on with it. Admit you are better off 'fighting the good fight' and suffering on earth for the cause of Christ, than winning the world but losing your soul for the balance of eternity. Get used to the fact that your life is lived in the context of spiritual warfare. To survive and thrive in the midst of this spiritual battle, you must seek to be more Christ-like. Your mission demands single-minded commitment, and a disregard for the criticisms of those who lack the same dedication to Christ. You answer to only one Commander-in-Chief, and you alone will give an explanation for your choices. So what now? Do whatever you must to revere God, love him, serve him, and live only for him. That's what it means to be called a 'Christian.'

Soulfood: Deut 30:1 - 32:28, Matt 8:18-34, Ps 62, Prov 12:18-19

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