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It's about him not us

'God...appointed him [Christ] to be head over everything ...' Ephesians 1:22 NIV

Until Copernicus proved us wrong in 1543, we were able to claim, 'The universe revolves around us.' And what Copernicus did for the earth, God does for our souls. He points us to his Son as ... 'head over everything...' (Ephesians 1:22 NIV).At a time when the theme of many preachers is 'what God will do for you,' Paul points out that God doesn't exist to make a big deal out of us; we exist to make a big deal out of him. Max Lucado writes: 'We struggle with this idea because we've been demanding our way since infancy. "I want a spouse who makes me happy, co-workers who respect me, weather that suits me, a government that serves me, and a God who gives me everything I want."' It's all about me! What if an orchestra followed that approach, each artist clamouring for self-expression? Tubas blasting non-stop, percussionists pounding to get attention, the trumpeter standing on the conductor's stool tooting his horn. Harmony? Hardly. Who enjoys confusion, or contributing to a cacophony?What would happen if we each took our place, played our part, followed the score he gave us, and made his song our song? What if there was less 'Here's what I want' and more 'What do you suppose God wants?' So what now? When you fix your eyes on Christ, it changes you. The apostle Paul says you will, 'be transformed into the same image from glory to glory...' (2 Corinthians 3:18 NKJ). What do you suppose God wants for your life? Ask him.

Soulfood: Judg 7:1 - 9:33, Matt 10:32-42, Ps 97, Prov 13:9-10

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