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Stay in touch 2

'Never stop praying.' 1 Thessalonians 5:17 GWT

Today we'll give a few practical tips to help you stay in touch with God:

(1) Start your day right. When you first wake up and you're enjoying your duvet more than you're looking forward to the world outside, pray! 'God, thanks for a new day, help me make the most of it - let it be a day of destiny!' Then instead of checking your mobile, read a Psalm or something from the life of Jesus. Let the words inspire and challenge you. (2) Tune in to visual clues. Use your daily routine as a trigger for prayer. For example, when you're showering, pray, 'Jesus, give me a clean heart and a right attitude' (Paraphrase, see Psalm 51:10). Whenever you meet somebody, silently ask God to bless them. When your school or work friends are being idiots pray, 'Lord, give me grace, help me be a light where it's dark.' That's how you 'never stop praying.' (3) Invent ways to stay focused. Ever notice how your mind wanders the minute you start praying? Try using a note pad when you pray - jot down the things that are distracting you under the headline 'I'll get to that later' then talk to God with an uncluttered mind. And remember, God wants to talk to you too, so be alert and listen. What he tells you will be more important than anything else you'll hear.

So what now? With a bit of rhythm, creativity and determination you can 'never stop praying.' God is waiting to hear from you; are you ready to stay in touch?

Soulfood: 2 Sam 3:22 - 7:17, Matt 25:14-30, Ps 118:1-9, Prov 18:4-6

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