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Family house of honour

'Honour your father and your mother...' Exodus 20:12 NIV

What does it mean to honour someone? This is what the dictionary says: 'Honour: high respect, a feeling of pride or pleasure from being shown such respect, a person or thing that brings credit'

There are ways that we can honour and love our parents whilst recognising that they are far from perfect. It is possible to strongly disagree with them about something and yet maintain a respectful attitude to them. God wants us to be able to love and respect those people who brought us into the world. If parents feel dishonoured or disrespected, they can make others around them miserable too: 'You never listen to me!' 'I'm fed up with being spoken to like that.' 'While you're under this roof you will do what I say!' Sound familiar?

Now, we may find loving our parents very difficult, particularly if we feel that they have ill-treated us or shown some major failing. But honouring them is what we need to aim for. As hard as it may be, it's kind of part of the deal.

Often we feel the solution to our family problems is that the 'other people' need to change. Are we the perfect person to live with? Do we find it very easy to blame our parents when things go wrong? What if the 'If she stopped doing that...' or 'If only he didn't do this...' is just an excuse. The Bible challenges us to be the one who changes.

So what now? Would your family life be better if you loved your mum and dad differently?

Soulfood: Neh 1-4, Mark 11:27-33, Ps 78:32-39, Prov 23:29-35

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