No celebration without preparation

'...I work and struggle, using Christ's great strength that works so powerfully in me.' Colossians 1:29 NCV

Do you want God's best for your life? Well, the easy path usually won't get you there. There's not much room for laziness or excuses to achieve God's best; effort and sacrifice are part of the deal.

Remember this little saying: there can be no celebration without preparation! You probably know people who have given up on making a success of their life because they couldn't take the pressure. You can probably think of others who wanted success but couldn't handle it when it arrived. Hopefully you're different: the kind of person who isn't satisfied sitting on the sidelines; you're going to go for it, whatever it takes! Listen: if you have the passion, the price won't stop you.

Some days you'll have tears in your eyes and dirt under your fingernails but, in spite of the scrapes and bruises, holy passion will make you want to sing at midnight like Paul and Silas (see Acts 16:16-34), and give you a sense of mission that makes you cry out like Isaiah, 'Here am I. Send me' (Isaiah 6:8 NIV).

So what now? When the going is tough on your journey with God, remember this bit of wisdom: there's never been a day that lasted forever! Don't give up and don't give in. Stand on what God has promised you. Remember, you don't need to depend on your own strength, you have: '...Christ's great strength that works so powerfully in me' (Colossians 1:29 NCV). And, look forward to celebrating!

Soulfood: Gen 37-39, John 16:1-15, Ps 148:1-6, Ecc 5:1-3

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