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A Song For World Refugee Day: Tauhou by Aro

"Today is UN Refugee Day and given the story of the Tauhou (Silvereye), we felt like this was the right day to share this video. The Silvereye was blown to NZ in a storm, and made it work, made it home, so much so that it has become one of our native manu." say Charles and Emily from the band Aro. 


Stan Walker: Faith Hope Love

Stan Walker just dropped a new EP! He says: "My response to what happened to the Muslim community in Christchurch was this EP, Faith, Hope, Love. Have Faith & stand strong. Hold onto Hope & never let go of it. Choose Love over everything."


Sherryn chats to Julian Dennison

He's the ambassador for the 40 Hour Famine this year, and the star of Hunt for The Wilderpeople talked with Sherryn about his experience meeting child refugees and his plan for the famine.

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