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The Brilliance release All Is Not Lost Featured

If you saw and loved The Brilliance at Festival One last weekend, then I've got some news you'll love!

All Is Not Lost, their second full-length album is available now, and critics are calling it "the album you need to hear in 2017."

We're looking forward to sharing these new songs because we are in a season when, no matter what our political opinions or cultural biases, we all need to be reminded that 'All Is Not Lost,'" David said. "We need to remember to see The Divine in 'the other,' and to offer kindness and curiosity."

Critics are praising the duo for "shining a spotlight on cultural injustices," saying the album's content is "important" while also calling the release "beautiful" for its poetic lyrics and intricate string arrangements.

To hear more about the making of All Is Not Lost and the meaning behind each song, check out The Brilliance Podcast

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