Devotional: Better For It by Riley Clemmons Featured

18 year-old Riley Clemmons' self-titled debut album is out - including the hit singles, 'Broken Prayers,' 'Hold On' 'Broke' and 'Better For It'. She recently shared some of the Biblical inspiration behind the track:

 Riley says: Romans 8:28 is my favorite Bible verse. It has so much to do with the message of this song. That verse brings peace to me and it such a huge truth and a token of peace for my soul. The hard times we go through make us so much more equipped and make us stronger and force us to look for the source of all goodness and life and hope, which is God. I wanted to be honest and wanted these songs to speak the truth and really reveal where I was.

The beautiful thing about faith in Jesus is that He takes us at our worst and He also takes us at our best. It gives me a lot of peace to know that the One who created us takes delight in us even in our weakness. I want to bring as much glory to God as I could, and I have a huge heart for young women and know the challenges we are going through and want people to know that they are not alone. It's so important that people know that we have light and hope in Jesus. What matters to me is that these songs are unifying and when we fall short and feel weak, we serve a God who takes us that way. I don't think there's anything more unifying than that. My encouragement is to know that you are never alone and you have a God who loves you when you don't feel your best.


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