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Saturday Afternoon
Charlie 2:00-5:00pm


Last week on The Morning Wake Up, Graham Burt from Festival One joined us to announce the 2019 International Artist and Keynote Speaker lineup!

Monday's Announcement: John Mark McMillan
rsz john mark mcmillan

An artist and platinum-selling songwriter who bends genres and has carved out his own unique path over the last decade. His most recent record 'Mercury and Lightning' once again puts melodies and language to the human experience in ways that make us feel deep.

Tuesday's Announcement: Citizens! (previously known as Citizens & Saints)
rsz citizens

The Seattle-based band, their latest release, 'A Mirror Dimly', ushers in a new age in both sound and story, and offers a window into the heart and soul of the band. It's much like a raw and open diary – the same honesty you'll experience in their performances. Citizens draws influence from americana to post-punk, and their freshly-imagined sound is the result of mixing feel-good nostalgia with unconventional storytelling.

Wednesday's Announcement: Levi The Poet
rsz levi - the poet
Writer and spoken word artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. After losing his dad, Levi turned to writing as a therapeutic way of expressing himself. At 18, he began to share this poetry with the world. Levi brings fresh voice to the genre thanks to his taste for everything from hardcore to hip-hop, and fully immersive performances, which include captivating audio-visiual production.

Thursday's Announcement: Rapture Ruckus
rsz rapture ruckus
Crowd-favourite, Rapture Ruckus is comin' home! Needing little to no introduction, we are so pumped for the fun that is the Rapture Ruckus show – electro, hip-hop, pop, the whole shabang.

Friday's Announcement: Pastor Chad Johnson
rsz chad m johnson
Our keynote speaker, Chad M Johnson. After 14 years in youth and sports ministry, Chad moved into what is now his unconventional ministry which has changed lives all over the world. He is passionate about people from every and all backgrounds and showing them just how much God loves them. "What the Lord has allowed me to see throughout the years, is a real need to capitalize on the effectiveness of relevant and unconventional ministry whereby everything we do is not only evangelistic in nature where souls are saved, but to add to that and utilize various opportunities, tools, and resources to equip people as the body of Christ." - Chad Johnson

It's shaping up to be another epic Festival! Check out all the details and buy tickets HERE.
Stay tuned for The Home Grown Lineup Announcements!

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