Sunday Afternoon
Josh 2:00-7:00pm

Blanca: Real Love Featured

Blanca wrote this song after her mother died of breast cancer. She says:

"My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought it for a few years, and she ended up passing away this past year. I think sometimes those very hard seasons that we walk through in life bring out these underlying issues and questions that we have. Especially in that moment, I realized that I don't want to face the whole foundation of who I am in Him based on these shallow things that leave me empty.

When I was facing these hardest things I've ever walked through in my life, and I was questioning and angry and those things were coming to the surface, I remember speaking with my mom. She told me she was scared when she was in hospice. People were telling her she needed to have faith and trust God and believe and that He was going to heal her, but she was still sick. That was like a dagger to my heart. My mom was an amazing, selfless woman who loved the Lord, and when her time was ending, she felt like God's love was running out on her. That she had done too much wrong or His grace was running out because she was still sick. She was struggling with this issue of works and striving and proving ourselves to the Lord. But He loves us because He is love, and that's who He is."


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