The Brilliance – Oh Dreamer Featured

The new single from the younger brother of Michael Gungor is here! The band say:

"This song is an exploration of our connection to one another. Our dreams only take shape in reference to each other.

While we tend to think of our hopes and dreams as a reflection of our individuality, how often are they formed and shaped by forces beyond our control? Family, community, country. We are connected and influenced by our loved ones, teachers, neighbors, colleagues, adversaries, in every possible way.
As we struggle to find our way in this world, may we see our search for safety, fulfillment, love, family in those who pass by us every day."

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We are excited to announce the release a new version of Oh Dreamer, our collaboration with World Relief for the DACA Dreamers. The Dreamers are a group of 800,000 people whose parents, having come to America to fulfill their dream, are now more uncertain off their future than ever. Dreamers are losing their jobs, their education, they’re being deported, and are filled with increasing fear: What’s going to happen to me? What’s going to happen to my family? What’s going to happen to my brothers and sisters? As we engage with complex issues, may we see the humanity in the other, in the stranger, in the person that happens to be on the opposite side of the aisle. So let this song be a conversation starter. And let it invite you to dream again. Now available to stream or download at the link in our bio: brill.fanlink.to/dreamersingle Produced and mixed by @wldrmn

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