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Music Video: Strahan - Already Home Featured

It's his first new track in a couple years, and he says about the song: "I'm not exactly sure when or how it began, this strange journey into living midst the tension of everything. I know it was largely due to illness, due to losing so much, including the near loss of my second son. But what I do know is that I'm different. I'm different because I'm not waiting any longer, not looking for a place to rest but rather resting in the place I'm living. I'm no longer praying for the pain to leave or the joy to replace it. Joy has flooded the darkness and though the darkness hasn't always fled from it, it has also never overwhelmed it. Whenever and however this journey began this song is about finding my place in it. It's about giving thanks for what I do have today, and what I will have tomorrow. 'Already Home' is the first song to be released in the lead up to my new record, and it's coming soon."



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