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"I wrote this song because I wanted everyone to know that I am human too. Last year on tour my childhood best friend passed away and I couldn't make it to his funeral. In that same month I was dealing with depression. During this time a lot problems were coming out in my marriage and there was fear of ending up in a divorce like my parents. As I wrote this song I wanted people to feel the emotions I had and to let them know that Im going through things just like they are. I didn't want to give you an answer, I just wanted to cry with you and be there with you. Romans 12:15."


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This is not me trying to prove my self but want to share some things I’m very proud of about this year. . I dropped my second album Panorama that is VERY close to my heart. I connected with pieces of David’s success, failures and passion for God. (David from the Bible). At shows this whole year I shared his story and got to speak about this album and what it meant to me. I didn’t think that was enough so I did a video about it and how Jesus has been working through this process of the album with David’s story. Went through a depression last year and got to write about it and connect with people that dealt with the same thing. Then thought I should put on my album booklet a mini gospel presentation INSTEAD of using credits. I wanted people to have an answer to follow up with the album and lead them to the Bible. So many things this year I was so proud of ministry wise that we got to accomplish aside from just music. . Today I deleted a post with a few people that think I need to add more Jesus or questioning if I’m even a Christian. . I learned this today, not everyone is going to understand you or your purpose God has designed. To NOT be on other people’s agenda but Gods. I was mad earlier but reminded my self, man this has been an amazing year and GOD sees the seeds being planted. I can’t make everyone happy. I know my lane and ima keep fighting for it. God bless and THANK YOU TO EVERYONE RIDING WITH ME! Don’t feel like you have to prove you love Jesus by having to say it 1million times, let the fruit show.

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