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Phil Joel Announces Book Featured

You might know Phil as the kiwi who used to be in the Newsboys, or the head of US based worship group Zealand Worship. Whatever you know him from, he's certainlly lived an interesting life, and now he's set to release a book of personal stories about a life spent in ministry next month! 

 According to his publisher, "In Redwoods and Whales, Phil Joel makes a passionate plea to a new generation of believers to not get "beached" in their faith, but rather get planted like mighty a redwood. By unlocking key Scriptures, Joel shows the peril of wandering away from the "pod" and the unending pleasures under the canopy of God's amazing Redwoods."


He says: "I never intended to write a book at all. It wasn't some kind of bucket list thing, I simply had an experience in northern California that I felt prompted to write down and then somehow it kept going and growing from there," Joel says of the inspiration behind Redwoods and Whales. "Slowly, after I'd connected a bunch of dots, it began to shape into something that I felt might be helpful for anyone feeling stranded and a little disoriented in life. I hope the book will inspire people to pursue a life with God in the center."

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