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Stan Walker: Faith Hope Love Featured

Stan Walker just dropped a new EP! He says: "My response to what happened to the Muslim community in Christchurch was this EP, Faith, Hope, Love. Have Faith & stand strong. Hold onto Hope & never let go of it. Choose Love over everything."


He dropped by The Project in Australia to talk a bit about the EP. "When it all happened, the country was in shock, we were all in shock .... I was saddened by the response of some people trying to make it about them during the aftermath and thought very carefully about how I could best support the Muslim families of the victims."

"The way I know how to help people and bring healing to people is through my music, so I wanted to do this and give hope ... Where talking can fail, hopefully, the music can pick up the pieces in some way." 



Head article photo taken from Stan Walker's Instagram: 

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