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Lauren Daigle Covers A 70's Worship Song

At a recent concert in Vancouver, she suprised the crowd by announcing "OK, we're going to change things a little bit; are y'all alright with that?" She then led the crowd in the 1975 worship song, "I Exalt Thee" by Pete Sanchez, and made famous in 1983 by Phil Driscoll. 

We love a classic! 

Cover photo from Lauren Daigle's Facebook page


Life FM's Old School Files!

Over the last year or so you might have heard the occasional throwback song on Life FM. The Old School Files are the biggest songs on the station in the 90s and early 2000s. We've put them all together in a playlist so you can listen whenever you want - and if you've got a suggestion for a Old School File, flick me an email! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Tori Kelly: Inspired By True Events

"#InspiredByTrueEvents is actually here.... this album has been in the making over the last few years & now it's available for you to listen to. it still blows my mind that a song starts from nothing & then becomes this thing that people can connect to.. & that's what i hope these songs become. this is by far the most vulnerable i've ever been in my music & even though it was a little scary, i know it's exactly where i needed to be for this chapter of my life. i love you guys! thank you for listening & i hope you enjoy!" Tori has shared the heart behind the album and also some adorable home video footage.


MUSIC VIDEO: Roy Tosh & V. Rose, Like You Do

Seems like 90s style is here to stay! This song has been doing pretty well on the YouChart, and now we've got a video to go with it! Roy Tosh says: "Like You Do was my first in studio music video and I love how it turned out! The whole video is a vibe. Bts footage coming soon too! Hope the song has been encouraging to everyone out there!"

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