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Eloise 10:00-2:00pm

Leeland release LIVE album - Christ All Around Me Featured

June 10 marks an exciting day for Leeland - They are releasing their first LIVE album.

Featuring 6 songs this EP, titled Christ Be All Around Me, features the title and song that the band wrote with fellow worship team All Sons & Daughters... This is the bands first recording since their album The Great Awakening in 2011 and will be avaliable for purchase on Tuesday June 10. 

God With Us (You Are Emmanuel) [Live] (4:20)
Christ Be All Around Me (Live) [feat. All Sons & Daughters] (5:49)
We Are Returning (Live) (3:38)
Refresh Me (Live) (5:05)
All-Consuming Fire (Live) (4:46)
Where You Are (Live) (8:42)

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