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Saturday Night
Eloise 6:00-12:00am

MUSIC VIDEO: Airports - Distance Featured

SURPRISE!! An exclusive "Heads Up" just for Life FM!

Australian band Airports are dropping their brand new music video for Distance, TONIGHT (10pm NZT) and I for one, could not be more thrilled! Distance has been holding the number one position on the Night Shows Hi5 Hottest countdown most nights this week and because of that, they have given Life FM the exclusive *nudge nudge* heads up, on the videos release.

They haven't told anybody or even announced that it's coming out tonight, so it's come as a bit of a suprise. But they've been posting regular updates on their Facebook and Snapchat (@airportsau) all week.


As well as being treated to the music video, you can now PRE ORDER Distance and On Your Way on iTunes before it is officially released on March 17.

Make sure you keep your eye on these guys. They do cool stuff.

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