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AIRPORTS announce thier first EP Featured

Our Australian buddies AIRPORTS are releasing their very first EP "Human Things" NEXT FRIDAY! (August 5th) Yaauus

There are five songs on this EP and I can tell you my jaw's hit the ground on more than one occasion while listening to this new stuff. Think along the lines of NF, and Twenty One Pilots. The reason I like Airports is because it's always real and relateable. After listening to a few of these songs I've come away both pumped and challenged. There is a real happy yet vulnerable tone to their new EP and I can't wait for you to hear it. Let the counting down to next Friday begin. (If you just so happen to be in Brisbane AUS this Saturday they are having an EP launch where they'll have exclusive advance copies of the EP)

The good news is you can PRE ORDER the EP on iTunes and you'll have it as soon as it's released! Just click here... (You're welcome)

They'll also be back for Festival One next year so you can catch all this new music LIVE, there - oh it just keeps getting better!


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