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Saturday Afternoon
Charlie 2:00-5:00pm

Kiwi Download: Lifestyle (of Worship)

Lifestyle (of Worship) are getting ready to support Lecrae and Rapture Ruckus at Worship Experience 2 and we're stoked to have them on the Kiwi Download!

from their facebook...

We are brothers bred in Auckland (New Zealand) who love the Lord and are passionate about worshipping God - not just with our music, but with our lives! We believe "MUSIC" is a huge vehicle to allow people to draw to something or someone, so our sound is aimed at bringing hope to the hopeless; drawing christians closer to God and also being realists in the secular market!

Our music is christian lyrics and/or themes encompassed by Rock, Soul, Funk, R&B, Jazz, Blues and "Heaven" (new genre)!

We have just released our first (and long awaited) self-titled debut EP in July 2013.

Our hope is that our WORSHIP wouldnt just encrourage the body of Christ, but anyONE who needs encouragement, and that what we sing and do won't just impact lives today but ripple right through the generations to come!

Our mission is to create WORSHIP that is "relevant, reflective and refreshing" to those who encounter our music.

Thanks for passing by! Stay in touch and we'll post more of our tracks as they become available! Please feel free to leave us any encouragements or posts to help us along the way as we continue on this exciting journey to know HIM more and make HIM known through our WORSHIP!

We dont profess to know it all, but what we do know is God is real and wherever He takes us, it will ALWAYS be about Him!!!!

"Worship is not an event, its who you are and what you do - especially when no one is watching". (Lifestlye of worship)


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