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LoveCollide: Undeniable Featured

The new single from sister duo LoveCollide is one with a pretty amazing story behind it.

 Brooke says: "We were looking to write a song about stepping into the presence and majesty of God. Once you step into His presence, you realize how huge and untamable that is, and that led us to try to come up with words to describe God. In the bridge, we use different words to describe Him, including untamable, unstoppable and unchanging. In stepping into His power we used the visuals of mountains bowing down because that's how we feel it would visibly look like."

Lauren says: "Whenever we realized the power, the majesty and might that God has, we remember that Jesus told us that we will do all these things and, even greater, when we reflect on who God is and who we are in Him, we need to remember that we have that power because God lives in us. We don't need to have fear, because God has given us His Holy Spirit living inside of us. Because the song is so worshipful, every time we sing it, it really brings us into God's presence. This song is a breath in our set and brings me into alignment with God's presence."

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