Story behind Song in My Soul by Phil Wickham Featured

Phil Wickham's new album Living Hope is out - including his hit song "Song in My Soul". He recently shared the story behind the song:

I heard the first iteration of this song with just two or three lines of lyrics and the melody from a friend of mine named Travis Ryan, who has been in Nashville for a long time. He sent it to me and something about the melody woke me up and made my heart smile. It reminded me of an old-time gospel melody. He had the "All of Your goodness" line and something about that concept of singing about God's goodness just got me smiling. Within the next twenty minutes, I wrote almost the remainder of the song. It was an instant outpouring of what God has been doing in my heart and in my life and in my family's lives recently: such an overflow of God's goodness in my life. God has been teaching me and my wife big things about Him. And we have been resting in how good our Father in Heaven is to us and how kind He is. We are so undeserving.

The idea of a gospel song about the goodness of God came across my path and I knew I had to sing it. Just like the prayers we pray about God's faithfulness about our kids being healthy and God showing us His kindness, we wanted to reignite the thankfulness in our hearts. I immediately connected to the song. Then I wondered if the song was too simple for the album and maybe it was just a prayer for my family. It's a great song, but it has this more of a gospel, funky feeling to it, and musically, I didn't know if it was going to fit in. But, as my producer, Jonathan Smith, and I started working on the song in the studio, we thought we should have a girl sing on this--give it a duet kind of vibe. We racked our brains for a bit thinking, "well, who could do it?" So, we made a wish list and Hollyn was on the top of that list. She's got this incredible voice and we knew she could nail this kind of vibe. So, I texted her and she's like, 'I'm there.' And, so she showed up, sang the song and killed it.

I have been leading "Song in My Soul" for my congregation and it has been a real special moment. I wrote the song with a smile on my face. This song is like the smile in the middle of the record. Some songs get kind of emotional or anthemic or cinematic, but this is one you can smile, clap along, and sing along to. It is one of those atmosphere-changing songs. I love that that's what this song's adding to the record. Our breath is something we are 100% reliant on God. Breathing is equal to living and "every good and perfect gift is from above." God gives us these perfect gifts. Breathing is something we take in and give out. I love the metaphor of how the other gifts God gives us we are given to give back. The perfect metaphor for that is the breath in our lungs. I want to offer all of my gifts that God has given me back to God. So many songs on the record were born out of wanting to write the language and the prayers that go along with what God is doing in the community already. The goal wasn't to write songs that were my expression necessarily of what is God doing in my life, or what is my vision, or what am I supposed to say through these songs. It's more for the church.

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