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TobyMac Talks New Album 'The Elements' Featured

Today TobyMac announced the details of his upcoming album, The Elements.

He has shared the new album's cover art and track listing in a fun and creative way. You can only access them through an interactive site where you swipe across the screen to reveal the info, you can click here to have a go yourself and check out the album cover and pre-save on Spotify.

Toby has been updating fans on the progress of the upcoming album recently through a series of tweets about making the deadline, finally posting on August 31, "Phew, made it. Finished the new record last night after over a year of work! So grateful to all involved. And thanks to you for the prayers and encouragement!!!


There's another TobyMac tweet Sherryn's been a little suspicious about... this "golf trip" with SOCIAL CLUB MISFITS. They've been hanging out... Why? DID THEY WRITE A SONG TOGETHER?


TobyMac's latest single 'Everything' is currently on Life FM and the 4th song on the album, with the whole album set to drop October 12- we are GETTING EXCITED.

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