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A Song For World Refugee Day: Tauhou by Aro Featured

"Today is UN Refugee Day and given the story of the Tauhou (Silvereye), we felt like this was the right day to share this video. The Silvereye was blown to NZ in a storm, and made it work, made it home, so much so that it has become one of our native manu." say Charles and Emily from the band Aro. 

"Our hope is that all people who come to Aotearoa to find refuge here feel welcome and become part of our community.

"Kei kōnei au, kei kōnei ahau" means "I am here, I am here.""

This video was produced, filmed, dreamed up & captured so beautifully by an incredible group of students from the New Zealand Broadcasting School.

Plus Charles and Emily shared a bit about the song here:

The song Tauhou is from their album Manu, which is well worth a listen if you haven't already!

From their website:

"The kaupapa of this project is to address identity. The narrative throughout the album is about trying to find one's place in the world, using the birds' characteristics and some Māori myths about the birds to present this idea. This album is for anyone, but particularly young people, and is an encouragement to be proud of who we are as Māori and as New Zealanders. Aro hope to have a positive impact on young people facing mental health challenges, as both core members of Aro know, by both statistic and experience, the impact this is having currently in Aotearoa. By sharing the knowledge of these birds and these stories, through songs that are memorable with words that are encouraging and fun to sing, this uniquely 'Kiwi' album can help young people feel proud of who they are."

Head photo taken from Aro's Facebook page

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