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DC Talk Is Getting Back Together for a Tour Featured

How the heck do we get them over to New Zealand?

Michael Tait, who these days fronts the Newsboys, said "I've got news for you. We just finished the DC Talk cruise yesterday, Pete [Furler of Newsboys] and I. TobyMac performed, DC Talk, K-Max, Newsboys. But next year DC Talk will be doing a land cruise. We'll be doing tour dates in the states—not announced yet—but it will be very few, but we'll do them each year, '20, '21, and probably '22."

So ... we know he said the States ... but there's got to be a way to get them to Aotearoa, right? 

There's nothing on DC's talk's official channels yet, but we are crossing our fingers and toes and will bring you any more updates as they come!

Here they are on the recent Jesus Freak cruise:

Cover photo from DC Talk's Facebook page

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