Stan Walker Covers The Lion King! (And It's The Best) Featured

Now all we need is for him to record a studio version... 

 He says: "Me & my bro Jakes just having a muck around pre tour... Also cos "The Lion King" just came out & I thought I'd do a lil shumin shumin for ya lol... Don't judge me cos I crack & go flat ahahahahha... But "Circle Of Life" is my favourite song of all time from my favourite movie of all time... I'll be reviving this 1 for for my Ozz tour next month...Aaanyway have a listen... I'll do a proper version later when my voice decides it wants to wake up ahhahahaha... Enjoy whanau"


Stan Walker recently joined Leanna, Bjorn and Josh in the Life FM studio to talk about being Maori in the music industry, his favourite worship song and his upcoming tour!


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Cover photo: The Lion King. Walt Disney Pictures, Stan Walker. 

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