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Introducing: Ecclesia Featured

We've got a new artist on the Life FM playlist, so lets get to know them! says: "Ecclesia are a collective of young interdisciplinary artists creating media for the purpose of inspiring revival in the church. The heart of Ecclesia is to pioneer, innovate and challenge the notions of what Holy Spirit inspired work could be. Their goal is to trail-blaze into creative areas that have not been explored in Christian Contemporary Music as well as address complex and convicting topics essential for the Church to acknowledge. [Ecclesia] blends elements from electronic dance music while blending the global sounds of traditional Chinese instrumentation, Zambian hymnals, and Afro-Latino rhythms."

Hailing from South Florida, the group are definitely worth following on Instagram with regular, insightful posts. 

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When we are consumed by revival, the lines between “sacred” and ”secular” get blurrier and blurrier. With our senses surrendered to the Holy Spirit, we begin to experience His redemptive glory in all things. One of my favorite activities is to go on prayer walks at art museums. Viewing art allows you to peer into the creators reality.. sometimes that can be a beautiful reality and sometimes it is a perverted manipulation of God’s intended beauty in them. Most of the artists at the museum yesterday do not believe in Jesus, however, God used a lot of their pieces to speak to me. I asked God to show me where Jesus was in many of the pieces and He gave me prophetic words, intercessions to pray, and even gave me a deeper love for communities and cultures I didn’t have before. He showed me the sacred in the “secular.” It all belongs to Him anyways so He gets the final word. That may be messing with your theology a little but pray about it. I hear people talk about how dark and corrupt the art world is, and yes in some ways it is, but I am filled with excitement when God shows me His plan of restoration for human creativity. Invite Love into your processing instead of fear.

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We're really loving Ecclesia's collab with Montell Fish, but you can listen to the rest of their new album below, too! 

Cover photo from Ecclesia's Facebook page

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