‘When You Believe’ From the Upcoming Live ‘Prince of Egypt’ Adaptation Featured

Hands up if you were obsessed with Prince of Egypt as a kid! We are so excited for this upcoming adaption even though we just have to live vicariously through Youtube clips (if only it was coming to NZ!).

 Prince of Egypt is being adapted for the stage and will debut at London's Dominion Theatre early next year, including Stephen Schwartz's classic songs along with 10 brand new ones. Christine Allado and Alexia Khadime's "When You Believe" has appeared on Youtube and as someone commented on Youtube: MY HEART JUST PARTED LIKE THE RED SEA we are in love.

From https://www.theprinceofegyptmusical.com/: 

"DreamWorks Animation brought out the film The Prince of Egypt in 1998 as the studio's inaugural project. It boasts songs by Stephen Schwartz and a score by Hans Zimmer. The number "When You Believe" went on to be covered by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, and subsequently won Best Original Song at the 1999 Academy Awards. In 2017, the new musical version premiered at TheatreWorks in Silicon Valley.

Based on the Bible's Old Testament story, The Prince of Egypt follows the life of Moses. A Hebrew born into slavery, baby Moses is sent down the river in a basket by his mother to escape slaughter, before being found and adopted by the Pharaoh's wife. As he grows and learns of his roots, he begins to realise his destiny: to lead the Hebrews out of slavery. With God on his side, Moses visits ten plagues upon the Egyptian tyrants and parts the Red Sea to allow his people to escape.

Stephen Schwartz has written 10 new songs specially for the stage production. His most notable projects include penning the songs for Wicked, and for the Disney animations Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame."


Cover photo is a screenshot from Youtube


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