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Vote for your fave Relient K songs for Vinyl Release!

Vote for your fave Relient K songs for Vinyl Release!

It's been a while since we've heard new music from these guys, but we're 100% on board with their new project: a special fan-curated double vinyl release where fans can vote for their favorite 12 songs, out of almost 150, to be included on a new vinyl record. We love this idea (can every band do it please??)

 Check out the official announcement from their website below:

We thought it might be fun if we did something special with you our fans!

We've been wanting to release a unique vinyl album for a while now. We've released 149 songs over the years and thought it would be cool if you guys (the fans) curated the track listing by picking your favorites.

So over the next few weeks we'll open up voting so you can select your favorite tracks. On October 1st, we'll determine the top tracks everyone has voted for, build a sequence, master it for vinyl and press it with hopes to have it in your hands by the end of the year (fingers-crossed).

We're going to call the this special double vinyl release "All Work and No Playlist" and would really appreciate your participation by:

1. Voting for your 12 favorite RK songs

2. Get the word out to other RK fans to vote too and use the hashtag #VoteRK on socials with the link relientk.com/vote.


Click on the ballot [here] (yeah, it's a Google form) and thoughtfully choose the tracks you believe deserve to be on this limited vinyl release.

Cover photo from Relient K's Facebook page

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