TobyMac Releases “21 Years” After Recent Loss Of Son Featured

Our hearts broke last October when we heard the news that Truett McKeehan, a figure in tobyMac's music from the age of three and tobyMac's oldest son, had passed away age 21. tobyMac has now written a song about the experience, released together with a beautiful music video. You can watch below:

Over on Instagram, he said: "The last couple of months have been the hardest I've ever faced. Thank you for the love and support. Part of my process has always been to write about the things I'm going through, but this went to a whole new level. What started out as getting some of my thoughts and feelings about losing my firstborn son down on paper, ended up a song. "21 Years" is a song I never wanted to write. I hope it's for someone out there, or maybe it's just for me."

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As we enter this week of Thanksgiving we have something we’d like to share.... Such overwhelming love has surrounded us this last month. We still don’t quite know which end is up but we do KNOW, we are loved. As we mourn our firstborn son, God has poured out His love on us through people. He has loved us through you....your kind acts and words and prayers and thoughts and songs and poems and teachings and gifts and meals and time and expertise and travel have made death bearable. You have been God’s light to us in our darkest days - A comfort to our broken hearts. We have experienced family at every layer and every turn. From the closest to those who have loved from a distance, thank you, thank you a thousand times over. We are grateful for your gentle and compassionate hearts. It is something we will never forget. Community as it should be....the body at it’s best. How God must be pleased! Also- We’ve been encouraging ourselves to stand on this....the place of death is actually where all that we believe is most significant. That God has the power to do what he promised, defeat death and give life to anyone who believes. So from the valley of the shadow of death we pray a flood of thankfulness will rise this week. Thankfulness to a kind God who is not afraid. The Father of the Heavenly lights...who shines most beautifully in the darkness, and gives us everything we need. Toby & Amanda

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