Introducing: Davidda

We've got people wanting to learn more about this lady ever since we started spinning her debut single, Kindle, so we've put together a bit of a lowdown!

 Davidda is an indie artist based in Tamaki Makaurau. Adopting her hometowns reputation for zest, this Paeroa-bred wahine brings the same effervescence to her music and songwriting. She says: "This song was me exploring the mind of a person wresting with their intuition. Somethimes we get stuck, or distracted from the things we want to do - or the things we know we're designed to be doing. Sometimes, you need external intervention to help lead and refine your balance. Your hope lies in looking at Jesus, and letting him guide you."

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what is even going ON?! ??? she’s here! Kindle is here, ready for you to bop + groove to on all the usual platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Google Play) this is so unreal to me ??❤️ it’s also time to give credit where credit is due ~ so fyi, this gonna be long ?? massive shout out to @parachute_music for selecting me to come into your ?space to record kindle with one of the most bomb producers Dan Martin @olympusmusic__ ! seriously so stoked to work with u and would be so happy to do it again ? thank you to the master @ty_gage for your MAD electric gat + bass skillz on this tune ~ and for being the most supportive friend, willing to help a noodle like me. you blow me away with your humility, kindness and the respect you hold for music ❤️ keep your eyes on this guy, ppl.. ah. i felt like Kindle needed one more thing, so my beautiful friend @pauline.ngahiraka poured some magic. you have unraveled kindle and given the room to create this posture. the visuals you have poured into to accompany kindle fit her like a glove; this means so much to me ❤️ thank you ! thank you to everyone who has been sending me messages this morning. this is unreal ? @kristianbennett1 + @bigyawn ~ i wouldn’t even be into songwriting + music if i didn’t have my two big brothers who are absolute legends ?? thank you for what you have taught me. words won’t even do.. my mama and papa, for introducing me to music, always supporting my musical pursuits and letting 3 + 4 yr old me sing + play row row row your boat forever ?thank you @lifefm for being the first ever to play my song! what a crazy buzz that was ? .. and last, but always first to me ~ my @elfacepalm. you always always encourage me to be brave + intentional about who i am❣️truly being myself. i wouldn’t be releasing this song without you reminding me of who i am and what my music means ❤️? thank you. go listen to this little tune! ?

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