Meet Wilder Woods!

The new solo project from Bear Rhinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE will have everyone dancing!


When the project was announced in May last year, the identity of the artist was initially kept secret. Eventually, though, it was revealed that Bear was fronting the project and had named it after his two young sons – Wilder, age 3, and one-year-old Woods. He says that the album represents an open letter to his children from Bear, and a different musical direction from his work with NEEDTOBREATHE.

In his bio he writes: "This music represents a new direction and something totally fresh for me, so I wanted to find a producer that I had never worked with before who could match that energy." Rinehart found that producer in Gabe Simon, of the Nashville indie-rock band Kopecky. 

As well as being inspired by fatherhood, he's also inspired by his wife Mary Reames Rinehart. "Marriage and fatherhood have shown me that the hard times are what teach you the most about who you are," he says. "Nobody else can give that to you. You have to experience it for yourself."

You can listen to the debut album below:

Cover photo from Wilder Wood's Facebook page

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