Creator of Veggie Tales Launches Online Bible Videos for Kids Featured

Phil Vischer has released Mr Phil TV early so that your kids can spend isolation growing their faith instead of just watching YouTube Videos! You might know him as the co-founder of Veggie Tales, the voice of Bob the Tomato or from one of his many other projects. We're not gonna lie: while this series is designed for kids aged 4-11, as adults we've learned a lot about theology and the Bible from his work too!

 From the Mr Phil TV website: "It all starts with the Bible. We want to bring faith to life for our kids, but it's hard to make sense of faith until you can make sense of the Bible. So Mr. Phil TV starts with a library of videos that take kids through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Then we meet famous folks from history whose faith shaped the world in amazing ways, to show kids faith in action. And finally we add a library of Bible study videos that take whole families through key books, together! That's Mr. Phil TV. A new way to bring faith to life for kids!" You can check it out at https://mrphil.tv/.


Mr Phil TV has a 2 week free trial for new subscribers, although since we're all in quarantine you can use the code GOINGCRAZY at checkout to get another month free! 

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