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Music Video: Thomas Brothers, Don't Play Around

Friends of Life FM, The Thomas Brothers, joined Sherryn on air for a lockdown chat. Well, two quarters of the Thomas Brothers.. Some might get all technical and call that four eigths, or eight sixteenth! But others might just plain and simply say - one half!! Samuel, Joshua and Sherryn chatted about what they've been getting up to in iso, who's in their bubble, and of course, about their second full length album "TOGETHER"!! You might have caught them playing a few of these tunes at Festival One earlier this year!

Now, ready for some really cool news!! They've given YOU the exclusive chance to see the music video for "Don't Play Around" before the rest of the world!

Check it out below..

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You ready?..






This from their YouTube channel says - 

Recorded over four years, the album is truly a labour of love and a real family project. As the title suggests, TOGETHER pays homage to all that have played a part in the making of the album, including the boys’ sister Esther Ruth and their dad, who both lend their musical talents to the record. “For us, family is about being real, and so is our music. This album describes what we mean to each other, and the importance of unity. Like we kept saying when recording it, ‘You can go fast alone... or you can go far together!’.”

The Thomas Brothers have been playing music together since before they could walk. With much to say about love, family and togetherness, the four brothers are passionate about getting their message out there. “We hope TOGETHER makes people feel just that - together. It's really important to us that people everywhere can feel loved and included and part of the family.


So GOOD, go check out the rest of the album "TOGETHER" out now on Spotify!

(Cover photo sourced from Thomas Brothers Facebook page)

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