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The Morning Wakeup
Leanna, Bjorn & Josh 6:00-10:00am

New Zealand Music Month on Life FM Featured

This month is New Zealand music month and we are stoked to be catching up with some great Kiwi artists!

Listen in to the Morning Wake Up, Afternoons & Nights for a whole lot of kiwi tunes and chats! Check back here for interview audio (at the bottom of the page) after we've hung out with them. For more kiwi gigs check out our whats on guide :)

The Latest Fallout






Sound the Ocean



Edge Kingsland

edge kingsland


Nathan King



Mount Mosaic


Here's a list of the times they will be with us in studio

May 1st - The Latest Fallout 6pm

May 6th - Rapture Ruckus 5.30pm


May 8th - Sound the Ocean 5pm


May 13th - Edge Kingsland 5pm

May 19th - Nathan King 8.30am

Other artists: Mount Mosaic (TBC) Strahan (TBC)

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